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Improbable natural impregnation because:
1. A woman is grossly unattractive.
2. A man is so unattractive/ineffectual/impotent that he could in no way father a child claimed to be his.
3.A woman's promiscuity brings paternity into doubt.
1. Jesus, man, she's so ugly I wouldn't breed with her even if it was a spoon job.
2. Yeah right, it's his! Must have been a spoon job.
3. She'd have more chance of knowing who the father is if it were a spoon job.
by DeepThort February 18, 2007
(prison term)for reaming out a punks asshole before buttfucking.
see spooning
by like2watch August 01, 2003
the act of sticking a spoon up your cornhole while receiving oral pleasure from a ferret of some description.
check out the scar from that spoonjob i had with that autistic ferret that hangs around
by Barnabyw October 25, 2006
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