Top Definition who wears dress flops quite occasionally w/ pink Polo's

2. looks like 12 year old Jewish girl; refer to gyspey

3. someones house squirrel wants to burn down

4. ones only friend are his sister and sisters friend

5. tries to bang girls, preferably best friends, whom are clearly unconscious

6. squirrel refers to Woods Parker as a Mexican Jew whore cunt and also Jew gold

1. go to (

2. also see { by the way spoom-woods has shorter hair } (

3. " squirrel no you can't burn woods house ?"
" no squirrel u cant that's arsony "

4. also go to (

5. see (

6. " woods i am gunna burn your house down you mexican jew whore cunt "
by Woods Parker July 10, 2008
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