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pretzels and frosting, bbg girls tend to eat this at meetings all over the world for some odd reason
When I went to my first meeting after being an MIT, I was forced to eat spooey, which wasn't as gross as I thought!
by Yandoryn September 11, 2005
The delicious treat that is created when a pretzel is dipped into frosting. All varieties of frosting and pretzel can be used. No substitutions.
Spooey is yummy, chocolate with rods!
by BBG's Rule December 28, 2009
A white substance which magically appears when a man is excited. Usually found on college couches next to the vomit stain.
James offered to lick the spooey off a used couch so that Timmie could use it without the risk of contamination. Thanks James
by Lvl28Dispatcher May 21, 2010
Verb, to spooey, i spooey'd my bread stick. or i spooey'd my crackers and cheese, fondue is a comparative to spooey.
last night, i have a savory spooey. i was spooeying my vegetables and ranch dip.
by anti-BBG January 08, 2010
'nilla wafers dipped in frosting. only 'nilla wafers. done at jewish camps. done my girls only. most amazing thing ever.
At camp, my tent did spooey and the guys arent allowed toknow about it. its secret
by Brittany7854 December 07, 2006
Is that spooey on your tounge ring?
by kittystar August 18, 2003
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