A word used to replace an extremely obvious or unknown one in a verbal sentence. Usually a noun or verb, but sometimes an adjective.
1. Omgawd! We were at the mall yesterday spooding, and I found the cutest skirt!
2. We were out waterskiing last week and the spood that hooks to the boat snapped and thats how I broke my leg.
3. God, the teacher is such a spood, I cannot understand a word she says.
by Cosworth November 18, 2006
Top Definition
Used as verb: to challenge someone for a sports match online.

Used as noun: a sports match arranged online but played in reality.
1) What about a tennis match? I'll spood you for tomorrow after work.

2) Alice spooded Bob for a ping-pong match next friday.

3) I already got over 50 spoods this month!!!

4) If I win my next spood, I earn 10 points and I will be ranked in the first league!
by z00bs October 07, 2010
Gibberish used to avoid awkward encounters or to lighten the mood.
"Well this is some spood"
by TemplarNorris July 09, 2015
A slang term used to describe a very saggy ang gaping vagina.
Zandz: So, how was she then jj?
JJ: Yeah pretty damn good...had a spood of DEATH right enough!

Other: Damn, she has a dry, smelly spood!
by JJPUSS February 04, 2010
The flat, spatula-like utensil that sometimes comes with ice cream cups, or given to you at the ice cream store. Often made of wood, spoods break very easily.
This spood is nug. Can't they give you a real spoon?
by pentozali March 10, 2009
tiny area where the ballsack ends and penis begins.
by G-LO August 09, 2003
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