A spongebob is some square ass dude that might come around and cramp a vibe thats goin on. Or a lame ass dude tryin to fit in.
here come that ol spongebob ass n@#!a !!!
by Liljweezy1 October 13, 2008
Look spongebob is not gay. For you people who think he is you are getting alot of thumbs down. people who think spongebob is NOT gay you are getting thumbs up. Spongebob is a ladies man that's how he got sandy cheeks. And he does NOT flirt with patrick he is just greeting him nicely. Also he sometimes dresses up like a girl because he is just being funny. And Gay pictures of spongebob are not true. They are lies. So believe it that spongebob is NOT gay.
me: people if you think spongebob is gay O i'll fry your liver boy or gal and i'll eat them I said i'll eat them. Also A way to make spongebob stop talking just say is that Sandy Cheeks in a bikini!!!! Then spongebob will say where?(with hearts in his eyes). Then just ditch him.
by fisherman deputy vet February 11, 2008
The thick mixture of jizz and period blood.
Dude 1: Aw man, yesterday was terrible.
Dude 2: Why?
Dude 1: I went home to a spongebob on my living room floor.
Dude 2: Aw man that sucks.
by FISHizzle April 30, 2012
A show that used to be funny, the new episodes sucks. The orginal Director left, and the new ones made spongebob look stupid and all this other stuff. WHERE ARE YOU STEPHEN HILLENBURG???
Person 1: Hey, did you see spongebob last night?

Person 2: Nah, the new ones suck.
the most annoying thing known to man with a starfish that's a dope as his friend and other charecters that go and be annoying idiots all over the place

and may it get canceled soon
Dear god please cancel spongebob already. stop ruining little kids's easily manipulated minds to act as the most annoying things on earth amen.
by Alice Stuart February 27, 2011
a single cigarette, a loosey.....comparison to the infamous tv icon in the means of square,...using it to pertain to a square, one stick of tobacco, code name for a single cigarette since they are illegal.....
Let me get two black and milds and a spongebob.

Is that all sir? No, I want to buy this beer and also box of spongebobs. Newports please.
by Dr.Marten86 July 27, 2009
a cartoon character whose best friends name is patrick. also a delicious ice cream treat that is completely addictive.
carey: "what are you eating??"

tracee: "a spongebob icecream bar."

carey: "can i have a bite??"

tracee: "k."

carey: *takes bite and takes off running to nearest gas station to get her own icecream bar*
by OHnoYOUdidnt!!! July 01, 2009
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