A show that used to be funny, the new episodes sucks. The orginal Director left, and the new ones made spongebob look stupid and all this other stuff. WHERE ARE YOU STEPHEN HILLENBURG???
Person 1: Hey, did you see spongebob last night?

Person 2: Nah, the new ones suck.
the most annoying thing known to man with a starfish that's a dope as his friend and other charecters that go and be annoying idiots all over the place

and may it get canceled soon
Dear god please cancel spongebob already. stop ruining little kids's easily manipulated minds to act as the most annoying things on earth amen.
by Alice Stuart February 27, 2011
2 definitions that i know of:

#1: My personal favorite, a new type of jerking brought on by crank dat spongebob dance

#2: A sponge, that lives under the sea. Friends with a fish...a starfish
#1: Man u see those jerks listenin to that new song tippin' on my dick by the Rangers. They hella got that spongebob down man.

#2: Dude spongebob is funny as hell man
by TheKELLOGboyzzz October 16, 2009
Another word for a contraceptive that is not a condom and is inserted in to the vagina
Woman: Wanna go back to my place?
Man: Have you gotta Sponge Bob?
Woman: Yeah.
by LaughingBoy December 07, 2003
a cartoon character whose best friends name is patrick. also a delicious ice cream treat that is completely addictive.
carey: "what are you eating??"

tracee: "a spongebob icecream bar."

carey: "can i have a bite??"

tracee: "k."

carey: *takes bite and takes off running to nearest gas station to get her own icecream bar*
by OHnoYOUdidnt!!! July 01, 2009
Aside from the yellow sponge with his own television show, Spongebob also refers to any person invited or uninvited to a gathering in which that person does not provide any food items (e.g. spinach dip, chicken wings) or beverages (e.g. a liter of soda or a case of beer) and eats and drinks to his/her heart's content. Thus acting like a sponge.
Timmy: Hey Dave, nice party. I brought some coca-cola and Doritos for everyone to enjoy.
Dave: Oh! Thanks a lot Timmy. I'll set these right on the table.
John: Hey Dave, swell get-together. Where's the cooler? I'm parched.
Dave: It's right next to the porch spongebob.

Jake: I thought I asked you to bring over an extra case of Bud Light Lime Thomas!
Tom: Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorrry.

Robbie: That's his third beer in the last half hour. Who invited spongebob??
by mbeckSikE! September 15, 2011
Asian. Definitely asian. Yellow, can't drive, and knows karate.
Hi spongebob! You're asian!
by Cinbadrio May 28, 2010

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