The meaning of sixth grade. The most amazing little square dude in the whole universe. Has amazing pants.
by meheartsgreg June 16, 2009
a really smart kid that looks like a fictional character.
haha you look like spongebob. (meaning your smart :])
by bob to the sponge August 15, 2008
verb: the act of having sexual intercourse with; the act of masturbating.
adjective: hot.
Originated from high school kids who wanted to talk about the above without anyone knowing what they were talking about.
I want to spongebob her so badly!

She looks like spongebob!
by Doug_AK February 13, 2008
Spongebob: when someone sponges off of you financially.
Dude, stop being such a spongebob. The next round of drinks are on you!
by Jaded_Epilogue88 August 06, 2011
a homosexual male yellow square dude who makes out with a pink starfish. coincidentally this starfish is also male.
spongebob: hey patrick im ready! are you ready? cause im ready!
patrick: OH YEA BABY! im ready! lets go to your place and party all night long with gary! then we can go over and get squidward, and the real fun begins!
by caitlin, cedric, and mike August 25, 2008
Aside from the yellow sponge with his own television show, Spongebob also refers to any person invited or uninvited to a gathering in which that person does not provide any food items (e.g. spinach dip, chicken wings) or beverages (e.g. a liter of soda or a case of beer) and eats and drinks to his/her heart's content. Thus acting like a sponge.
Timmy: Hey Dave, nice party. I brought some coca-cola and Doritos for everyone to enjoy.
Dave: Oh! Thanks a lot Timmy. I'll set these right on the table.
John: Hey Dave, swell get-together. Where's the cooler? I'm parched.
Dave: It's right next to the porch spongebob.

Jake: I thought I asked you to bring over an extra case of Bud Light Lime Thomas!
Tom: Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorrry.

Robbie: That's his third beer in the last half hour. Who invited spongebob??
by mbeckSikE! September 15, 2011
A diligent fry cook.

However, he has the potential to bring the Krusty Krab, literally, BILLIONS if he were a prostitute.

This is because he has so many holes and therefore and can take millions of customers at a time.
Sandy: "Hey Patrick, im gonna go fuck Spongebawb, that cute little critter, he is."

Patrick:"No! Spongebob is MY best friend so I will go screw him FIRST!"

Spongebob: "Hey don't worry guys! I've got plenty of holes to spare! Sandy, you go on hole #968 and Patrick ima give you a blowjob. Just $500 per hour guys. No checks accepted."
by bubenwang July 02, 2010

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