The meaning of sixth grade. The most amazing little square dude in the whole universe. Has amazing pants.
by meheartsgreg June 16, 2009
When you are with a women and having relations and when you are about to come, you do it in her socks and then she puts them on.
Last night I gave her a 'spongebob' and she didn't know until she put her socks on to leave
by Rook360 August 20, 2008
a really smart kid that looks like a fictional character.
haha you look like spongebob. (meaning your smart :])
by bob to the sponge August 15, 2008
verb: the act of having sexual intercourse with; the act of masturbating.
adjective: hot.
Originated from high school kids who wanted to talk about the above without anyone knowing what they were talking about.
I want to spongebob her so badly!

She looks like spongebob!
by Doug_AK February 13, 2008
Another word for a contraceptive that is not a condom and is inserted in to the vagina
Woman: Wanna go back to my place?
Man: Have you gotta Sponge Bob?
Woman: Yeah.
by LaughingBoy December 07, 2003
Spongebob: when someone sponges off of you financially.
Dude, stop being such a spongebob. The next round of drinks are on you!
by Jaded_Epilogue88 August 06, 2011
A very crappy cartoon that fails at anything approaching hilarity. Also was a much better cartoon/idea when it was called Rocko's Modern Life.
Person 1: Hey, spongebob is kinda like rocko's modern life. Person 2: Yeah except spongebob sucks. Person 2: Yeah, seriously.
by therealpharoah October 04, 2010
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