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a homosexual male yellow square dude who makes out with a pink starfish. coincidentally this starfish is also male.
spongebob: hey patrick im ready! are you ready? cause im ready!
patrick: OH YEA BABY! im ready! lets go to your place and party all night long with gary! then we can go over and get squidward, and the real fun begins!
by caitlin, cedric, and mike August 25, 2008
Aside from the yellow sponge with his own television show, Spongebob also refers to any person invited or uninvited to a gathering in which that person does not provide any food items (e.g. spinach dip, chicken wings) or beverages (e.g. a liter of soda or a case of beer) and eats and drinks to his/her heart's content. Thus acting like a sponge.
Timmy: Hey Dave, nice party. I brought some coca-cola and Doritos for everyone to enjoy.
Dave: Oh! Thanks a lot Timmy. I'll set these right on the table.
John: Hey Dave, swell get-together. Where's the cooler? I'm parched.
Dave: It's right next to the porch spongebob.

Jake: I thought I asked you to bring over an extra case of Bud Light Lime Thomas!
Tom: Oh yeah, I forgot. Sorrry.

Robbie: That's his third beer in the last half hour. Who invited spongebob??
by mbeckSikE! September 15, 2011
A diligent fry cook.

However, he has the potential to bring the Krusty Krab, literally, BILLIONS if he were a prostitute.

This is because he has so many holes and therefore and can take millions of customers at a time.
Sandy: "Hey Patrick, im gonna go fuck Spongebawb, that cute little critter, he is."

Patrick:"No! Spongebob is MY best friend so I will go screw him FIRST!"

Spongebob: "Hey don't worry guys! I've got plenty of holes to spare! Sandy, you go on hole #968 and Patrick ima give you a blowjob. Just $500 per hour guys. No checks accepted."
by bubenwang July 02, 2010
The act of shoving a bag of drugs, and/or or associated paraphernalia, down the front of their pants when a cop is sighted nearby in order to avoid legal troubles. Spongebobing often can lead to Ghost Taint.
'Shit, we are getting pulled over, Spongebob that pipe and the weed, quick!'
'It's too hot, I'll burn my unit!'
'If the cop finds that, I will make you my Bottom Bunk Bitch.'
'I would rather toast my junk than that!'
'You'll only get a little Ghost Taint.'
by Mr. Bu Grundy June 20, 2010
To binge drink. Popularized slang originating in Charleston South Carolina.
we goin to the club and we gonna spongebob.


Spongebob. Soak up all the liquids.
by SouthernPlaylisticD December 05, 2008
A cartoon sponge, the main character of the Nickelodeon show, Spongebob Squarepants. He is also my hero.

Spongebob really isn't gay, because he really isn't real. He's just a cartoon, for Pete's sake! Okay, I admit that some of the things he does are a bit gayer than other cartoon characters, but it's just supposed to make people laugh! It isn't trying to send the message of: Spongebob, the fictional cartoon sponge, is really a homosexual!!!!!!!!!
Jerk: Hey, did you see the new episode of Spongebob? He is soooo gay!!
Me: Wow. You idiot.
by FunkyLlama May 30, 2009
the act of giving oral sex to a girl by filling a sponge with water shoving it up her pussy then blowing on it to send the water shooting out, usually produces a huge orgasm.
Dude, I gave that chick a spongebob last night.
by sourcreamizdashit May 02, 2009