A word that defines certain idiots that brag all day about how much crap they have, how big their house is, how much "better" they are than everyone else and how much money they have. Then they continue to be a complete jerk and get everything they want. They think they will grow up and be successful but really they will end up living with their parents and working at fast food restaurants.
Spoiled Brat: I'm so rich and cool
Actual Cool Dude: No, you're just gay
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by Capri-Sun April 17, 2006
usually a girl that has a younger brother, dad as a fisherman, and a mother that spends all of dads hard earned money while hes out fishing. She tends to try and spend all of daddys money on things like vacations to hawaii and sometimes also known as a Tapir.
I sent my dad the email about Hawaii, he replied "not bad" ie. I am spoiled
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by Tbagginz March 23, 2010
Anyone who got a trophy just for showing up. Anyone who refuses to do for themselves even though they are perfectly capable of it. Anyone who thinks they "deserve" anything. Anyone who thinks that because they grew up "rough" they have somehow already paid their dues in the adult world. (Which, amazingly, are usually people who really didn't have it bad at all.)
You're spoiled because you think it's ok to just sit there and do nothing while other people support you and then you have the nerve to act put out when we don't have a cigarette to bum you.

Spoiled person: "I'm not working for less than $14 an hour and my boss better show some respect."
Me: "You have no experience and starting wages for this job are $12 an hour. Plus, you got fired from your last job for being mouthy."
Spoiled person: "I paid my dues growing up. I lived in a two bedroom trailer and had to wear hand-me-downs. I'm owed!"
Me: "Get out of my house, you spoiled rotten, sorry excuse for a human."
#ruined #rotten #selfish #brat #lazy
by NixieOU812 April 07, 2015
so picture this for spoiled is when kids are born into a rich family.

they usually have these following items. (this is for example)

.xbox one
.a Mac laptop that is collecting dust.
.a big house which is either in a development or in the countryside.
.$200 beats headphones
.large in ground pool
.a Ipad which has about $20 worth of apps.
.a RC Helicopter that is collecting dust
.may have $200 dollars worth of video games
.their parents doe most of the chores for them like clean their room or ect.
.might have a dog most likely a golden retriever.

.Iphone 5 which is overused. and has also about $20 worth of apps.
.a 50 by 50 inch tv in their room with dish network on it.
.a 4 wheeler, a dirtbike,2 bikes,and a Go-Kart.
.along with $500 or more in there allowance.

.their parents most likely drive them to school in their parents SUV
.they most likely always pack their lunch.
.their parents are usually middle to upper class.
.and the usually the most popular kid in their school
the example is the Meaning of Spoiled
#spoiled #rich #popular #money #xbox
by cheeze200 November 05, 2014
a derogatory adjective referring to a girl that's been cum on
That bitch is completely spoiled; she lets anyone cum on her tits.
#cum #spoil #tits #whore #bitch
by helpchick July 28, 2008
What I've been since birth. Picture my life. Live in a Huge home, large room, huge walk-in closet overflowing with clothes and name brands such as coach and prada. Private bathroom and play room. Taking the best vacations, going to best restaurants, shopping till I drop. Car since 15, at 19 I have 3. Not knowing which to drive, beamer, lexus or Mercades. Waking up Xmas moning to presents leading from my room downstairs to a huge pile of gifts and birthdays spending 100,000 at least and getting gifts equal to the age I am, however having no limit in value.
It's fun being me, spoiled :)
#spoiled brat #spoiled princess #rich bitch #long island princess #lispoiledbrat on aim.
by Lispoiledbrat June 04, 2009
Having sexual intercourse with a girl without using a condom, hence getting spoiled.
Statement: "Did you have to use a condom last night?"
Response: "No. I got spoiled."
Statement: "Props, mad props."
#spoil #spoiled #spoils #getting spoiled #spoiling
by Mars blktintedZ March 11, 2006
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