a black person from the ghetto or projects not your token black. someone who is not where there SPODA be.
ain't SPODA be here. wees gotta get outa town before the sun goes down
by ol dirty May 03, 2007
Top Definition
A derogatory term used for blacks, following the definiton as spoda, short for suppose to, can used to call blacks because there never doing what their "spoda" be doing
Yo check out that lazy ass spoda

Yup, never doing what their spoda be doing
by Chizarules October 17, 2006
A derogatory term used commonly in the food service industry to describe a black patron. The term is used because of the black patrons tendency to leave little or no gratuity.
"Oh, I was spoda to leave a tip?"
by Rojo289 May 29, 2008
A black person who doesn't know how to speak English properly.

Derogatory term to describe uneducated blacks. Not necessarily intended as an insult but could be used as such.
When did all these spoda's move into the neighborhood?

Don't know.

I really wish they would learn to speak English.

Yeah me too.

You'd think with all the problems they have because of racial hatred that they'd make more of an effort to speak properly. It would most likely decrease the racial divide.

I agree completely.
by Zed Omega May 24, 2004
A faster way of saying "supposed to"
Hey, you were spoda go to the store to get some beer. Did you?
by William MacLeod October 17, 2004
The typical nigger. Lazy, ignorant, disrespectful and unreliable. Usually is on unemployment, welfare, and collecting child support. Have sense of entitlement.
"Spoda do this, spoda do that, but don't do shit"
"Happy Spoda day! Spoda be workin', but I ain't" (refering to Martin Luther King Day)
by Schills January 29, 2010
A derogatory term for a black person. When at a restaurant, "There's spoda to be more chicken, there's spoda to be more scrimp!"
The hostess sat all the spodas in my section, I didn't get any tips.
by dirty901 April 21, 2007
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