another name for a slug, a worker who doesn't work especially hard.
a 'spoda knows a hundred lazy man tricks for puttin' off what he's really 'spoda be doin'.
by clayton paul March 28, 2006
Jeff Herrington Stated,"I spoda get paid 'dis Friday!!"
by drewzak August 09, 2003
a person from both black and hispanic descent
Tyrone banged Juanita, and now they have a little spoda!!
by Big D January 09, 2003
A wanna-be. Easily spotted by the fact that they dress like rappers and black movie roles, and talk ghetto while they live suburban.
I was spoda be born black, but I was born white instead, homey. Damn mom and dad. I'll have to bust a cap in their asses if they don't have my allowance ready, yo.
by Proud Conservative June 01, 2003

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