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to cum inside a girl's butt and she farts it out
splurt is a sexual term
by The Splurtinator May 08, 2011
4 7
Jamaican slang, often used in britain and reggae culture. It means to leave, get out, very similar to "split"
Come on lets splurt, yo im gonnna splurt, seee you later.
by J-kwon November 06, 2004
81 25
Contemporary American Slang - Verb. 1) To release spooge suddenly and/or unexpectedly after viewing a beautiful woman. 2) To ejaculate during sex.
Ex: "Damn, she was so fine, I splurted in my pants!"

"Hold on, I'm gonna splurt!"
by TK April 12, 2004
67 37
When smoothie comes out of the smoothie hole.
I put the straw in, it splurted.
by Splurtmeister January 04, 2012
11 5
to realease profusely
without the cap the soda machine will splurt everywere
by Nick Wink December 16, 2007
14 11
To utter or say something
He was caught by surprise and all he could do was splurt out "Oop, I'm sorry."
by Franklin Delanore Roosevelt November 10, 2006
5 6
to say something
splurt and you'll get yourself hurt
by bowdeni June 20, 2004
13 14