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A short board or plank attached to a long pole used for stirring up the bottom of a shallow pond or stream.
by Douglas August 26, 2003
7 63
It means ... it's a great-idea-but-possibly-not-and-I'm-not-being-indecisive!
Larry: Right. Now I want your opinion of my idea
Second Writer: Splunge.
by elsie May 15, 2004
253 44
Originating from a Monty python, splunge is a way of saying that you have no worthy opinion and that an idea could or could not be good. It could also be a quick comeback if you do not have an answer for a question.
Boss: I don't want a yes man and don't disagree!!! Now what do you think about my business plan.

You: Splunge?
by brengera March 27, 2007
192 48
"It's a good idea, but maybe not, and I'm not being indecisive"
Q. What do you think?
A. Splunge

(Monty Python film sketch origin)
by Rick Alimonti September 08, 2003
156 47
Plunge forcefully, used as a contraction for "super plunging."
Joe, after noticing his toilet was overflowing, knew he would have to splunge the toilet, or do some splunging.
by JamesTC July 01, 2009
7 52
Splunge, there is really no other definition for it.
Slpunge is for Splunge
by CrankyWhoreBitchLickerAndEater January 17, 2004
57 113
When a guy kicks a woman in the snatch, and the foot gets stuck.
Ah man! Did he just splunge that chick!
by King of the Jews March 30, 2007
4 61