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Intellectual woman who likes to read. Knows what R.S.V.P. stands for (which is amazing). excellent beer pong partner even though she's not that great of a shooter. Smokes the cigarettes preffered by most 13 year olds. Also has an amazing rack that draws everyones attention not just because of her third nipple ( just kidding). Mess with the splude and you will reveal an evil conniving b*#ch. Fun to party with and easy to get along with if your not a D-Bag. if you ever meet a splude you need to respect her because she might kill you if you don't.
guy1 " hey did you meet that Splude last night"
Guy2 " yeah she was a B*#CH!!!!"
guy3 " No dude your just a chode and NO ONE likes you not even me. I just hang out with you because your dad lets you drive his bentley."
guy1 " He's right she was BANGIN!"
by idungood2005 August 12, 2010

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