1. A miserably failed attempt at copying Metal Gear Solid.

2. A game with horribly bad AI due to the fact that people dont notice Sam and his giant billboard forehead.
Man they released another stealth game but it was a total splinter cell.
by Jebbedo May 04, 2009
One of the most over rated games I have ever played. Okay maybe that is a little harsh. It does have great graphics but many have said that it is better than Hideo Kojima's brilliant Metal gear Solid series when in reality it does not do anything that hasn't been done before. It is not even as good. The game is so linear. If an alarm is rang then the missions is over. That sucks. Not nearly as good as metal Gear Solid. I give it a 6.5/10
Solid Snake could kick Sam Fisher's ass.
by Okita-Sama March 13, 2005
A videogame franchise consisting of stealth gameplay. Inferior to the Metal Gear Solid franchise (which started the genre) in both it's boring, stereotypical storyline and trial and error and no head shots detecting gameplay. It has to rely on coming out year after to attempt to improve its shortcomings as opposed to every 3 years like Metal Gear Solid does.
The cheesy subtitles in the Splinter Cell games might as be changed to year numbers.
by cyanide_chewing_gum March 29, 2005

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