Mix between the word "spiffy" and "spliff", this is an adjective used to describe something related to weed (or anything in general really) that is nice, cool or jus plain out good.
In relation to weed:

"You rolled that joint pretty damn well man, that thing's spliffy"

General use:

"You're lookin pretty spliffy today"
by Gangsta16 December 04, 2005
Top Definition
A marijauna cigereyye. originated from word 'spliff'
Nice job rolling that spliffy!
by pindrys April 20, 2003
adj: the euphoric state associated with wanting to smoke, actively smoking, or having just finished smoking a spliff.

not to be confused with 'splifee' amsterdam's tightly-rolled, top heavy mascot.
alex: what do you want to do tonight?
(becky pulls out a perfectly conical spliff from her pocket)
becky: i'm feelin' spliffy.

jen: hey you wanna hit this bowl?
(becky pulls out a perfectly conical spliff from her pocket)
becky: nah, i'm feelin' spliffy
by ean weslynn June 30, 2011
The amount of time it takes for one to smoke, become intoxicated and pursue another spliff.
See you in a spliffy! (Approx. 1hour-Unknown)
by SlothaKin July 04, 2016
My boyfriend is (a) spliffy.
by Samusanisha March 07, 2003
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