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when girls masturbate, to be more exact the art of masturbation by inserting a object into a genital opening.
anna couldnt help splicing when she watched the tape of kevin in a goat suit.
by marcia brady November 15, 2003
the act of changing a song only a few minutes into it because it reminds you of another song.
"Dude will you leave it on one song already and stop splicing?"
"I can't this song reminds me of that other one hold on i'll show you..."
by The Lil Rebel September 07, 2008
A homosexual act, involving a man using a ring to expand the size of his urinary meatus to accommodate another man's penis.
Dude Ross is so gay, he probably splices every night.


Dude Ross is so gay, he loves splicing.
by Keith Hendry May 21, 2008