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A term that can be used to reference having sex. This term can also be used to describe a hot women.
I mo spleesh dees hoes.

I almost spleeshed this girl last night but some retard walked in the room.

Damn son look at those fine ass spleeshies over there.
by Ruuuus_bucket August 10, 2010
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Exclamation often used by Amy on Futurama to express disgust, frustration etc. Synonymous with "duh!" after somebody says something stupid.
Amy: "Fry, alcohol kills brain cells."

Fry: "No I'm doesn't!"

Amy: "Spleesh!"
by overflow parking August 02, 2010
1. Needing to go to the toilet.

2. The sound your piss makes when it's aimed into the toilet perfectly; also like a Swish in basketball.
"I need to spleesh"

"BRB I just need to spleesh"
by Jack Patros August 11, 2008

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