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spleaser comes from the word splasher, and i hope u know exactly what a splasher is, if not... ohhhh boay!

this is a popular word among SG-gangmembers in Hamburg, Germany!

this word can be used in different contexts.


-Ron you spleaser, what up? (in this sentence its used as an alternative to fucker, but in a good way)

-Jay's spleaser is the smallest! (here the person is referring to J's spaghetti in the pants)

-Your the biggest spleaser / you're such a spleaser (dumbass, mofo, douchebag)

-You tha splease Cris (baoss, the best, babo, king)

Sometimes it also referrs to girls called Lisa and Elizabeth as in Spleaser and Espleaserbeth!


other times it's simply a little bit of jizz
by baosman November 21, 2013

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