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When you go to a kinky maid café in Japan and sexy Japanese chicks in maid outfits come to your table and they shit all over you

(Source: Game Grumps/Steam Train)
Ross: If they touch you, then you have to pay for EEEEVERYTHING
Arin: Wow okay
Ross: If they sneeze on you, you gotta pay for that
Arin: Oh geez ;^^
Ross: If they breathe on you, you gotta pay for that
Arin: What if they poop....on me?
Ross: That's about uh....tha--yeah, you gotta pay for that

Arin: That's their specialty

Ross: That's the special....they call that uh...Chocoru...Splattadoo...Special
Arin: (laughing) Chocoru Splattadoo (continues laughing)
by Egofaptard March 04, 2014
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