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A roll of fat on a female's stomach that prevents a male's sperm from splashing her in the face when he removes his penis from her vagina just prior to ejaculation.
That bitch is lucky she had a splash guard because if she didn't my load would've caused her to drown.
by RaiderJunky October 13, 2005
When you place some toilet paper in the toilet BEFORE taking a dump so that your shit will land on the TP and NOT splash toilet water on your ass or crotch.
Sheila always makes a splashguard before she shits.
by Kelly Shitrafter February 28, 2009
To put a sheet of toilet paper in the toilet before a power poop to eliminate sound and splashback
I just ate at white castle and the next day at work i used the bathroom and it was packed, so to protect my dignity i put down a splash guard.
by 12MATZIE December 05, 2009
When you feel a big duece coming on, you would lay down a splashgaurd to avoid nasty toilet water splashing back onto or even worse into yourself
O my god, im so happy i laid down that Splashguard, i swear i would've drained the toilet otherwise.
by Ryan Loose December 13, 2007
when wearing glasses while performing oral sex to prevent crustaceous eyelids.
i bought your girlfriend some splash guards.
by er0315 May 22, 2005
Bug eyed glasses worn while getting a blow job
I was getting my dick sucked by my woman with her splashguards on, they kept my jiz out of her eyes when I blew my load all over her face.
by pnblwzd May 18, 2014