The term used for the squeeky noise that results when you purse your lips over the end of a spliff and attempt to toke on it prematurely. translation of splart is a spliff-lip-fart.
"did someone just fart?"
"na i just splarted brutha"
by bevbah April 20, 2009
Top Definition
the physical act of both farting and ejaculating all at the same time.
Although John loved Betty very much, he occationally liked to give her the ol' Splart. She really liked it.
by MUSH June 11, 2004
Using semen as an artistic medium
Will you drop acid with me at the Splart exhibit this weekend?
by Catmilk February 26, 2015
When an adult (usually male) flatulates after having anal sex and semen comes out of the anus, along with shit.
John: Oh Josh, I love you so much.
Josh: I love you t... *Splart*
John: Get out.
by Doucheifer April 27, 2015
~Onomotoepia~ A sound effect usually used for a mushy object hitting something solid.
by Crop Dusting June 21, 2014
A fart caused by the bowel loosening act of smoking a marijuana and tobacco cigarette (Spliff).
Oh man, after I took a hit of that spliff, I just had to let out a splart.
by ILIKECHEEEESE July 08, 2012
The act a farting a bubble of sperm and lubrication after anal sex.
The splart bubble glistened in the moonlight after the glorious night of ass sex.
by sea pocket December 31, 2009
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