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the physical act of both farting and ejaculating all at the same time.
Although John loved Betty very much, he occationally liked to give her the ol' Splart. She really liked it.
by MUSH June 11, 2004
1)The only telephone company in South Africa, its an inefficient
para-statal, complete rip-off, and as a company doesn't
actually care.

2)Also used in IT as a synonym for a cock up or an
unserviceable task.
1)Why have you not checked your email in 3 months?
I applied two months ago, getting leet 512Kbps ADSL
the mainstay of broadband speed! (from Telkom naturally,
as there is no competition).

2)I've got to de-telkom someone elses source code!

They just telkommed our network in it's moer with that

by Mush June 18, 2006

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