A confection comprised of chocolate, caramel and biscuit, characterised by its 'big lump' shape.
Holy crap guys, I'm hungry for some splap.
by Man-Hank April 26, 2008
Top Definition
The sound a penis makes when it slaps someone on the forehead.
Grifter splapped Blackrose when he was in Texas, while she was DJing.
by Candi Apple March 30, 2009
verb.-to take a dump in the woods
I just splapped by the highway.
by Buffme Like Itshot March 03, 2005
The act of ejaculating into a hand and then slapping someone across the face with it.
I splapped the bitch across the face.
by THe NoMaD May 02, 2015
The noise of a turd emitted by the anal cavity of any fat person hitting the toilet water, creating splashback.
I can hear Laura splapping from here!

Laura does enjoy a good splap.


I have splapped everywhere.

Laura splaps three times a day.

Laura smells a bit splappy.
by Splap-master Splap February 01, 2009
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