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Splaction is a word used by fans of the teen drama TV series “South of Nowhere” on The-N network to describe (or complain about the lack of) physical intimacy depicted between the two principle lesbian characters: Spencer Carlin & Ashley Davies. See more at Spashley.
From the fan site: http://www.spashley.com/
Hey guys!!

Since we've all been so miserable about the lack of Splaction (i.e. physical intimacy) this season, I thought it would be fun and funny to start a game where we each talk about how EVERYTHING gets more action than Spashley. I'll start off.

1. My right hand gets more action than Spashley
2. Catholic priests get more action than Spashley
3. My BLANKET gets more action than Spashley

Okay, now it's your turns.
by SpashleyLUV November 18, 2006

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