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jizz that is flying in the air at high velocity
my spizz comes to a dead stop when it reaches my girlfriend's face
by xplot June 22, 2003
Noun; A combination of spit (saliva) and jizz. Normally associated with sluts.
She got spizz all over my sheets.
She got spizz all over my pillow.
#jizz #cum #spit #slut #whore #blowjob
by Dirty Darryl October 29, 2009
To spit in a girl's face after jizzing on it.
Man, last night I spizzed on her and she made me sleep on the couch.
#spizz #jizz #spit #face #girl
by dabillll December 01, 2007
slang for myspace used among select, lazy northwest-ohio teenagers.
amanda: hey andrew!
andrew: good morrow amanda, whatcha doinn?!
amanda: not so much just gettin' on the good ol' spizz!
andrew: wowzer! you must be lazy, select, and northwest-ohioan!!
amanda: damn-straight
#myspace #facebook #spiz #sipz #spizzz
by andrew haugh January 14, 2009
(adj): a nickname or word for a stoner, who is a total hippie, however when high, they will become outrageously hyper and constantly try and beat people with dusters and pocket knives.

Spizzes can be really productive to society despite that fact that they steal, have sex with overage personelle and drink themselves into an un-handleable state.
V: Ay yo man, this is Stitches, do you have it?
M: Give me the phone! Now!
B: Spizz, calm the fuck down, I'm not sober enough for this.
#poko #spizz #stitches #fidge #stephanie #ride #stoner #weed
by Brittney Sade July 16, 2008
Right before a man uses a urinal, he spits into. I don't know why, its just something men do.
After a big lunch, I had to spizz right before I started peeing
#spiss #spiz #spis #pronounced sp-izz #pisspit
by Gabe V March 21, 2008
Verb. To ejaculate into the anus, lick out the semen, and sipt it into the mouth of the passive partner. Usually occurs at the end of homosexual intercourse without condom. Sipzzing can, however, occur between a heterosexual couple.
Look at those guys spizzing on the internet.

Het, baby, let me spizz you with my hot sticky man juice.

Yeah, I spizzed him, but it didn't taste too good.
#creampie #analingus #rimming #snowball #cum fart
by Sancho de Zique October 12, 2007
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