the act of verbally convincing hoes to bump nasties
n with money was spittin game on dem fine pieces of ass
#love #affection #kiss #spit game #game
by formeldahyde August 08, 2009
Top Definition
holla'in at a fine lil thang. Tryin to get her phone number
Antwan cant spit game, he aint even get those digits
by d money August 01, 2003
tryin to holla at a gurl u think iz fine
lentz not spittin game he aint even get tamara digits yet
#ho #flirt #holla #talkkin #game
by breon April 06, 2006
When a person tries to pimp someone of the Male persuasion. Many times it involves one male macking many other males.
Im gonna go Spittin Game to that crowd of Men.
#spittin game #male #men #gay #macking
by 300CSRT8 June 28, 2007
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