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An invitation given when you already know that the person you are inviting is unable to accept, but you want/need to invite them for political/social reasons.
"Simmons can't make it to the party on Friday."
"I know, but I'm going to spinvite him so he feels included."
"Niiiiiiice. High five!"
#invite #evite #bill simmons #simmons #party #etiquette
by MC Ravy March 23, 2007
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An invitation sent to a friend using the Spinvite app. Invitations sent out in this manner can be either private or public. Public Spinvites allow users to "re-spin" them out to their followers and can be viewed by anyone. Private Spinvites can only be viewed by those they were sent directly to.
No one showed up to Sarah's birthday party because she thought it would be a better idea to send out a massive group text rather than a Spinvite. Sorry Sarah. There's always next year.
#event invitation #invite #group text #facebook invite #party invitation
by ohmygodrey May 27, 2014
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