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1. An idiot, asshole, dick head, shit head. Anyone who does anything to annoy you or make you angry.

2. Slang word for Sperm.
1. Dude why is Johnny being such a fucking spint? He's been giving me crap all day.

2. Last night when my girlfriend and i were having sex, i pulled out early and spinted all over her face. Man that was great.
by SCSC December 11, 2007
1. Derogatory for the anus or any part of the anal region; ass hole; ass.

2. The area between the genitalia and the anus (on any living organism); taint; gooch; guche.
She was a good time but her spint almost made me vomit; does she ever wipe?

Will you quit being such a spint?

Aw man, my spint itches for days.
by Studious Jester January 30, 2011
to stand up... to F somebody over for someone or something else... to cancel plans without giving the other person notice.... In the business world we call this a no call no show
We were suppozed to go out to the moviez but thiz b*t&h spint me... Everytyme we have planz this b*t$h spendz me around in circles...
by Alphaman1900006 June 29, 2009
Derogatory term for a scrawny rat like cat, and/or any cat or kitten with a bladder problem
That pesky spint has pissed on the bed again!
by TomothyJ July 28, 2011