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1. Derogatory for the anus or any part of the anal region; ass hole; ass.

2. The area between the genitalia and the anus (on any living organism); taint; gooch; guche.
She was a good time but her spint almost made me vomit; does she ever wipe?

Will you quit being such a spint?

Aw man, my spint itches for days.
by Studious Jester January 30, 2011
to stand up... to F somebody over for someone or something else... to cancel plans without giving the other person notice.... In the business world we call this a no call no show
We were suppozed to go out to the moviez but thiz b*t&h spint me... Everytyme we have planz this b*t$h spendz me around in circles...
by Alphaman1900006 June 29, 2009
1. An idiot, asshole, dick head, shit head. Anyone who does anything to annoy you or make you angry.

2. Slang word for Sperm.
1. Dude why is Johnny being such a fucking spint? He's been giving me crap all day.

2. Last night when my girlfriend and i were having sex, i pulled out early and spinted all over her face. Man that was great.
by SCSC December 11, 2007
Derogatory term for a scrawny rat like cat, and/or any cat or kitten with a bladder problem
That pesky spint has pissed on the bed again!
by TomothyJ July 28, 2011
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