a bleach blond pizza face anime kid who is extremely talented at drawing. he also hates new metal kids and wears suspenders.
Look at that spina at his locke.
by mike b January 30, 2005
Top Definition
In Slovakia spina (pronounced shpina) means filth or dirt. It is also used as a curse, swear-word for dirty, filthy person.
"Ty spina vyjebana!" (Melisko)
Je tu spina za sporakom

Translation: "You fucking filth!"
There is filh behind the stove.
by Oliver P. January 20, 2008
A wingman gone bad. Your bar-hopping friend is way to tired of drinking. He leaves you stranded, drunk, and unable to drive.
God damnit! Why does he always have to be a shit-head Spina and go home?
by xXDeathLurksXx June 17, 2007
of or relating to someones crazy older sister and secret language of which they speak. espeake de language. other family members consist of smuther (mom) biffidus (other sister) and papatuya (dad). usually spoken in stange baby squeek voice.
1.We ARE the crazy siegels and this is how we speak: spina u stole my toast!
by gillian May 03, 2004
When you drink too much too fast and you puke up everything later on in the night. People tend to Spina when they often chug Yuenglings during redemption periods or other social gatherings. Another affect of pulling a Spina is rapping poorly or singing the wrong words to songs.
Aw, Lou pulled a Spina and puked everywhere!
by Creggor October 10, 2010
A spacker or spazz type, generally more specifically used to indicate ungainliness or perceived deformity. Poorly-understood diminutive of spina bifida (birth defect resulting in varying degrees of nearual tude defect and consequent disability).
See also spina fight.
"Sir! Do we have to have Robertson on our team Sir? I mean, he's a right spina..."
by Moved Away November 12, 2006
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