A person who works in public relations, usually for a political party who spins news stories round for the benefit of that party.
The pound may have lost %20 of its value against the $ but lets report this as a great help in making our exports cheaper.
by David June 01, 2005
Communication professional that crafts messages on behalf of an organization or individual to persuade an audience
The administration's spin doctors have managed to convince the American public that Social Security is in trouble now.
by nac June 01, 2005
someone who is employed to make sure a story works to their employers advantage
Those spin doctors are ruining the media.
by Light Joker April 09, 2007
A political analyst, pundit, or anyone else who makes their living by "spinning" something to make the other party look bad and their party look good. Some even resort to all
Al Franken, Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan, Ann Coulter, Jesse Jackson, Noam Chomsky are all examples of spin doctors.
by gdog26 February 11, 2006
Someone who manages the media for a politician or political party, to the extent of manipulating policy and behaviour for the sake of image.

The role was typefied
(some might say invented) by Tony Blair's 'Director of Communications and Strategy' Alastair Campbell.
Spin doctors have been the death of modern politics/
by Seb Flyte June 01, 2005
1. Radio DJ or MC.
2. Someone who gives multiple points of view.
3. MD specialized in sprains and fractures
4. Disk smoother, with a lamanated belt and sands the disk.
1. "That spin doctor totally had last night's crowd jumpin!"
2. "I loved the Cubs until that spin doctor down the street told me all sorts of neat things about the Sox."
3. "My brother f*cked up his leg on the steps, luckily my friend's a spin doctor."
4. "You messed up the CD I lent you! Go buy yourself a spin doctor, fix it and bring it back, asshole."
by bieseraj@yahoo.com October 07, 2008
bushfuck and/or his official liar.
"Mission accomplished".
One of the scumbag's greatest lies among many.
by REAL AMERICAN June 01, 2005

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