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When an opiate addict rotates in and out of rehab continuously for the experience of the first high after being clean for a few days. Also known as the cause of most drug over doses of relapse addicts.
Many addicts die from over doses after coming out of the spin cycle of rehab and addiction.
by Fonda Cox March 26, 2008
to spin a girl with your cock in her ass counterclockwise until she has a bowel movement on you
last night, i gave her a nice spin cycle
by jericho young November 25, 2007
When making out, you spin your tongue around in your partners mouth as if they are a load of laundry... it's not pleasant.
Tom: Dude I was making out with Melissa and she likes the spin cycle.
Rob: Least your tongue is clean now.
by TheTosh January 05, 2009
A term used in the NBA (National Basketball Association) for when a player goes into a spinning motion in one of two ways:

1. Feet planted and pivoting on the foot
2. Spinning the body while in the air
Blake Griffin going into spin cycle to complete the lay-up...

Derek Rose just entered spin cycle and got through the entire team...
by ScreaminDemon March 28, 2011
A collection of spinners in one area or plowing consecutive spinners in a single streak.
J.C. could not believe his eyes when he got to the club. There was such a serious Spin Cycle in effect, that he thought he was at a laundromat.
by Snocap September 21, 2006
What one encounters when shutting his/her eyes after drinking a lot of alcohol or mixing alcohol with pot.
"Holy shit Matt, I can't believe you finished that handle."

Matt: "I'm going through a Spin Cycle, just get me the waste basket."
by GingerCartman April 22, 2010
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