Noun: English, taken from the words Spyder (spy-duh-er), and Bob Long Intimidator.

This is a hybrid gun, utilized by those whom can't afford an Intimidator, but already own a Spyder by the Kingman paintball company. By installing cheaply bought items from an Intimidator, they can then be installed into a spyder receiver, or body. Making the gun shoot much like, if not better than a stock Intimidator! Very fast, and smooth. No more kick!
I was mowing some muppets with my intimidator, and it broke, so I brought out the old spyder, and mowed more shrub. I got to thinking, "maybe the two would make a better one?! Muppet mower Spimmy!
by WombatCrusher-PBN name August 05, 2007
Top Definition
A hybrid paintball marker that is the combination or result of using timmy internals in a spyder body.
I had an old spyder layin' around and bought a used timmy, then voila, the most agg spimmy ever.
by 702-Fshhead June 07, 2007
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