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aboriginal slang for a condom
She can't be pregnant! I wore a spiggy!
by Ryan_Lalonde June 17, 2008
Chewing gum (Bolton, Lancs, UK). The only slang for chewing gum (sticks, usually Wrigleys Original, always bought from non-electrical vending machines. (author observed 1970s). Of particular interest because author has also noted radically different slang quite locally - to teenagers in Kidsgrove 30mi Southchewy - the default instinctive British contraction becomes chong whereas in Burnley 20mi North it is choddy
I'm just going to the paper shop to get some spiggy from the machine.
by David Atherton July 04, 2004
King of all Gamefaqs. Pwns the CE board and rules all the land of CE.
Did you see SpiGGy?! He just PWNED j00 Charagon!
by SpiGGy June 10, 2003

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