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An act in which a man pours tabasco sauce on his penis while proceeding to have sex with another woman/man (preferably a man).
"Dude, I just gave my manfriend a spicy hot dog last night!"

"Whoa, sweet! Was it...HOT enough for him? (no pun intended)."
by doggyheaven April 02, 2009
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Fucking a girl between her boobs when she sucks your dick
Dude Kayla just gave me a spicy hotdog
by Johnson carter September 07, 2013
When the man takes a shit then rams his dick through it, and then puts it in a hot dog bun. Then the woman deep throats him, gobbling it all up.
Sally liked the spicy hot dog I placed in her mouth. She moaned in ecstasy.
by john the fucker of mouths August 26, 2008

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