Another word for "cool". Made by two band ppl. South Hills High School Class 2013
GUY #1: DUDE those nikes are......idk im speechless .GIRL #2: They are spick!
A "Spick" is a person who goes to fun places e.g. discos, iceskating rinks and clubs just to make trouble and try to cause punch-ups. (Usually hang out in groups)
Person1: Yo, you should come iceskating with us, it's gonna be awesome!

Person2: Na bro, there's always too many spicks hangin around there...
by Justin_P July 10, 2008
its like saying punk or a term you can use when you dont have anythign else to say
WOOOWW ur a spick


person 1: you suck
person 2: spiiickk
by honkifuloveme September 19, 2006
this is a term that white people use to make up for the fact that mexicans are better than them.
I wish I was a spick
by jimballz April 15, 2007
any discharge of urine seman etc.
or a drop of water or liquid on pants.
::drops water on jeans:: damn i got spicked on!

i laughed so hard i spicked my self!

Hey you didnt shake it off well enough you spicked your self!
by TehDanny August 23, 2005

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