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full waxing of the vajayjay, completely bare, hairless, all of the hair on the pubic bone, lips, under undercarriage, including asshole hair, similar to a Brazilian Wax however there is no hair left, not even a landing strip
I need to call my esthetician and schedule a Sphynx, she's the best and she never leaves a single hair. I love my Sphynx, it so soft and clean, especially my undercarriage! When I get my Sphnyx wax, it doesn't even hurt when she waxes my ass hairs!
by Monarch Beauty August 20, 2012
A sphynx is a breed of cat which is most famous for being bald i.e. a hairless pussy. A sphynx is therefore a risque form of female pubic topiary
by Racey October 22, 2003
similar to the phrase jinx, sphynx is called when two people say something in unison. sphynx differs from jinx in that the person does not owe the other one a coke, but instead a rim job. both parties actually benefit from this new format, especially with rising rates of unemployment and high coke costs.

a bystander to two people talking in unison can call double sphynx, in which case both sphynxed parties owe that person a solid salad tossing. this is actually the most common form of sphynx on the streets and are best used when hungover, as they are said to be an instant cure.

sometimes it is impossible to perform a sphynx because of the situation, so it is important to note that the count of sphynxes is a net sphynx and not one that gets canceled out when people sphynx each other. there are a few methods to keep count but the most accurate is using na$ty95.
matt called a sphynx while we in the limo last night - it got so sloppy that the driver wouldnt pick us back up.
by thaaaaaankkkkkkkssssssss January 17, 2009
Sphynx are those little farts that squeak out while you're fucking even though you're trying to hold 'em in.
I was banging her so hard I kept letting out sphynx.
by Steve-Oh November 18, 2004