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an euphemism for mentally retarded
If you're riding the short bus, chances are you're speshul.
by wandersfar August 12, 2007
1. A person that is not the whole six pack.

2. A person that is mentally challenged.

3. A person that takes a fortnight to catch the meaning of what you are saying.

4. A person that has special needs.

5. Someone who is dressed in an exuberant fashion, that is different to the norm.
Every time you say a joke to Alli Jane there is a pause and she comes back an hour later to laugh.

Look at that boy in the wheelchair he is Speshul.

Look what she is wearing she must really feel Speshul.
by Chykan Hunter October 01, 2014
From the sacred art of 6th form at Hatfield High. Anyone can be special, but it takes a lot to become speshul
/me jigs

*Graho becomes Speshul*
by Graho September 23, 2004
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