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1. (verb) To get a group of friends to pile on one person of the same or different gender, so as to symbolize sperm getting to an egg.

Originated by the men at USY HaNegev Encampment 2007.
Jake (to Josh, Jared, Elliott and Amy): Let's "spermulate" Steven!

All: Spermulation! Spermulation! Spermulation!

(They all proceed to pile on top of Steven)
by Steve RR March 12, 2008
Spermulation, the krunktastic fabulous fantastic amazing process originally postulated by the Unmitigatedly Funkadelic Professor George Clinton, is the communication of funk through hyper-funkitized sperm, colored hot pink and glowing. Causes grooves to reverberate throughout nearby bodies and mass dancing and subsequent spermulation.
Spermulation 101:
Curve dat backbone as you swivel side-to-side
And in-between strokes you can add your slide!
Flam your fingers out or use your fists(For added discotizin' you can robotize yo' wrists)
I don't mean to instigate but change your direction and spermulate!

by Funkmasta Dubya September 19, 2005

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