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it is every living mother fucking thing on starts from a little cum bubble and forms into all of us fucked up sick,rotten,smelly,big cock, little cock, long pussies,loose pussies,crotch eating, cock sucking,sick headed rotten mother fuckers,snatch eating,ass licking,lice infested,puby chomping,butt munching,daddy fuckers,crusty underwear,slut fucking,dirty ass skank whore,tulip licking,nose fucking,twat sniffing,lazy fuck,dog dick fucker,aids infested,dirty black asshole diver,cunt lint,dingle berry,finger fucker,dike ass bitches and gay sons of bitches who all think that their dirty rotten asses don't stink.
hey,all of you,humans,aliens,insects,animals,or whatever you are, you are all nothing but spermicans if you are living.
by rjrumples February 02, 2008
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