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He is the lead vocalist (screamer) for underoath (a post-hardcore band). Spencer was born in North Carolina and he is in his mid-twenties. He has the most bitchin' long black hair you have ever seen and his stage presence is unrivaled. Spencer and Aaron (drummer and back up vocals for underoath) write the world's greatest lyrics for underoath. His favorite band is sigur ros and his favorite food is BBQ. His bandmates call him "spee," but to everyone else he is known as "Jesus Christ our Lord and Savior." Spencer is the most versatile and clean screamer you will ever hear.
"pff,yeah it might be badass, but is it Spencer Chamberlain badass?"
#jesus #badass #underoath #spencer chamberlan #aaron gillespie #this runs through #black hair
by Matt Bernucca May 10, 2006
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