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spence grayson collins is the sweetest guy in the universe, he is the light of kari's life and always will be. he completely changed her outlook on life, made her happier than she could've ever imagined, helped her become confident and strong hearted. he is also adored, loved, cherished, needed and wanted, craved and yearned for. spence grayson collins is unimaginably handsome, hot, sexy, adorable, cute, over all an aesthetic pleasure. his personality is one you can spend the rest of your life with, he is very kind and compassionate. without him, there would not be happiness, peace, or harmony in the entire world. he is the balance of good that is so badly needed in this hate-filled planet.
spence grayson collins is my honeybunz (heheh), i will love him until the sands of time are completely emptied. i love you, suki. eternally ♥
by scarykari September 23, 2008
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