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1) A term commonly used to classify those who discriminate against people who spell incorrectly.

2) Someone who loves to spell things correctly.

3) A term you could use to confuse your teacher or employer.

4) A member of the Spellic religion, where spellism is very popular.

5) Something that randomly came up in a msn conversation, but is now being submitted to urbandictionary.
1) Wow I lost 10 marks for incorrect spelling and grammer. Mr. Stevantha is so Spellist!

2) I am such a spellist when it comes to essays.

3) Excuse me Miss, you are the biggest spellist in the world!

4) No, I am a spellist. I am a strong believer in spellism.

5) So you must be an anti-spellist then, because you don't know how to spell.
by Johnathon Matthews January 13, 2008
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