little knicks on your nutsack you get when you are trying to shave your nutsack and it is cold. this happens because when it is cold, your balls get hard and shrivled, thus you are more succeptible to knicks
Christ Tad can you lend me some neosporin for the speens i have on my balls?
by zack January 10, 2003
Top Definition
Someone who clings on to another; they stay attached for as long as they can. In terrible cases, the speen can seriously damage a persons life, it can even cause death. It can be used as a verb as well, as in someone speening onto someone else.
Kyle speened on to Lee.
"Help me think of a way to ditch the speen"
"Fuck you, speen"
Joe is speening on to Lee again.
Jack is a speen because he's always speening onto Kyle.
by Teez February 11, 2006
What queens have a lot of at Camp Matoaka. Anyone who is not a queen and does not have speen, wishes they do. Speen is a very precious thing to have, hold on to it forever.
We got speen yes we do we got speen how bout you?
We got speen yes we do we got speen how bout you?
We got speen yes we do we got speen how bout you?
We got speen yes we do we got speen how bout you?
We got the most .. we got the most ..
got speen uh huh lets hear it okay
by cmqueenforever August 27, 2008
A spoon with a hole in the middle of it, given to crack heads while in rehabilitation. Also utilized for sorting noodles from soup broth.
When I eat my chicken noodle soup, I need a speen on the side.
by K Dolo June 17, 2010
Speen can be a nickname given to those who exhibit an uncontrollable, hyper, ninja like personality usually brought on by alcohol. It can also describe one's ballsack.
Dude!! Get this freaking Speen off of me, he's hammered!!

Hey, I can see your Speen under those jorts.
by Bobby Speen May 18, 2009
To speen is to blame an individual for causing you to forget something that they should not have know about yet should have told you anyway.
JESUS KIM! You bloody speened again!
by Collins92 July 22, 2008
little ridges in your ballsack after you come inside after a snowball fight and take a piss
Dude the speens on my nuts are deeper and harder than when i had rough buttsex with bruce
by zack January 11, 2003
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