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specifications; used to describe the details of a particular kind of machinary, building, or other item with precise information that differs from others in its area, often the hardware and software of a pc, like the processor, RAM, and os operating system.
"I need computer help."
Q: What are your specs?
A: p4 3GHZ, 1GB ram, winxp.
by runandwin July 01, 2005
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Abbreviation of 'spectacles' - a pair of eyeglasses.
Where did I leave my specs? I want to peruse the latest edition of Club.
by Dan Fox August 04, 2003
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Specification. (abbreviation, usually technical)
software spec
technical spec
product spec
high-level spec
detailed spec
by vanilla g-lotto December 19, 2004
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A weapons special attack. Most likely on an mmorpg or other role playing game.
ruben28379: did you kill that guy?
smuck-u: yea I two speced him.
by Thomas Biernacki February 09, 2007
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Best viewing position
As in best Seat in the house
Liverpool UK slang
"The best spec to see the match is on top of the wall"
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1. A slang term for glasses.

2. AUSTRIA. (Or Prussia's nickname for him, anyway, as a term making fun of his glasses. Which he doesn't actually need, but that's another story...)
Aw dammit, my specs broke and now I can't see. :(

Prussia: Hey Specs! I'm invading your vital regions again! Do you mind?
Austria: Yes, I DO mind.
Prussia: Kesesese~ TOO BAD!!
Austria: *face palm*
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The process of retrieving specifications, such as computer hardware information.
I will not be able to spec a computer that will last you for the next five years.
by Slythfox March 24, 2008
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