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When the product manual and the actual product behavior are miss-matched. Commonly found in software, but can apply to any product, particularly those that need to be assembled.
I tried my best to install the "Widget Accelerator" application, but could not get it to work until I performed the 'optional' install which was required. The box had the biggest specifiction of all: "easy one step install".

The playground equipment i built had the vaguest of instructions about 50% of what needed to be done was not shown or documented in the specifiction.
by daarkaword June 09, 2009
A detailed description of the design and materials used to make something except that most of what it says is bogus. Commonly seen on eBay listings, shoddy third-party Amazon sellers, and Etsy.
After ordering the item from that retailer in China and waiting almost 4 weeks for it to show up, I realized that I had been tricked by the specifiction into thinking that it would actually fit. It didn't.
by illusoryweasel March 16, 2016
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