Sterile Processing Department in a hospital or healthcare facility that cleans instruments
The SPD handled 5 cases for the O.R
by Nordic Wind September 03, 2010
Severe Pluckage Disorder: people that don't have any eyebrows.
Jacob: Oh man, did you see that girl without any eyebrows?

Sean: Yeah, she has a major case of SPD.
by Irishskater345 April 03, 2007
A twat who likes to diss twen.
My names Havok; I'm a spds
by RVJB2 September 06, 2003
Shaved Pussy Distraction Syndrome - serious condition requiring much hands on therapy resulting from finding out the girl you are talking to shaves completely and your ability to focus on even the most mundane detail is completely dissolved.
though we have been friends for years now, once I found out Danika was completely shaved I developed a wicked case of SPDS and couldn't hold even the simplest conversation with her without thinking of her naked.
by Ivan Bliminse May 31, 2011
St. Patrick's Day (March 17)
guy 1: hey, what you doin' Thursday?

guy 2: wearin' green and hittin' the bars, it's SPD.
by opal 3 March 12, 2011
"Sexual Predator Dave", This is the nickname for a/any "large" person with particularly bad teeth and an all-around gross appearance named David that has a liking for underage girls. The girl of choice is usually around 12 years old.
Hey did you see S.P.D. today over at the pre-school? Because he wasnt at his house, or the elementary school, or the middle school. I sure hope i can get a hold of him before he gets a hold of another little girl.
by TheSexOffenderFinder January 19, 2005
"Stinky Poo Dumpster"-Someone who enjoys receiving Dirty Sanchezes, Rusty Trombones, etc.
Kim is the best SPD I know, it's especially interesting when Vic and Brian are doing the dropping.
by Anka August 23, 2004

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