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Usually used in plural.

Vulgar slang for disabled lavatory, a portmanteau of spastic and bog - the latter, in turn, metonymic slang for toilet. The privacy and seclusion such facilities offer make them popular locations for masturbation.
I'm just popping off to the spazbogs for a.. tacit.
by Nick Mailer January 30, 2003
bogs for spazzes. Contain many unfamiliar and futuristic accoutrements not available to vanilla toilet goers. Frequently abbreviated to spazbogs
Right, lads. I'm off to release solo material in the spaz bogs.
by TV Spunk January 30, 2003
Apparent location suitable for the rolling of marijuana joints for those working in corporate establishments.
Aah bro, heres one I rolled in the spazbogs during work.
by Merauder March 26, 2003