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A word which is a combination of "spa" and "xy."

"Spa" meaning "soda fountain," (Eastern New England) and "xy" meaning a normal complement of sex hormones in a male (genetics)

A person is said to be Spaxy if they are male and have a personality which is almost too bubbly.
Cody speaks like he is an announcer for the Price is Right and hits on anyone with a pulse (usually by trying to initiate an inappropriate pants-off-dance-off) only to go home to Palmela Handerson, that boy is Spaxy.
by NSO_BeanQueen August 04, 2011
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a combination of the words "sexy" and "party", which means to have a sexy party with a group of people, generally of the opposite sex
It's time for a friggin spaxy.
by Sir Dr. Finkle Davies December 15, 2007

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