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The opposite of 'swallowage'. The act of spitting out, instead of swallowing, a man's jizz-load or cum, after a man ejaculates into a woman's(or man's) mouth, during the act of fellatio or getting a B.J.. Yet, sometimes, accompanied by vomit, as the jizz has actually been ingested and then puked out. Almost synonymous with jizz-spat, though jizz-spat is more of an immediate reaction of spitting out the cum before it reaches the person's stomach.
Girl: 'Slob, slob, slob, slurp, glump, glurg, gulp, CACK!!!'
Guy: 'Hey, slag-face, what's up, no swallowage???

Girl: 'Ewwww, no WAY!!! I would never do something gross like that!'
Guy: 'Well, then, you'd better clean up all that spattage on my expensive shag rug, along with that period blood....slag.'
by coozehound72 August 17, 2010
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