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unsolicited and unwanted sperm; sperm which is simply a nuisance; unwanted pornography
My sex life seems to be bedevilled with sparm these days. or, My computer is increasingly cluttered up with sparm.
by philologue August 23, 2011
Very Attractive Female - Stands out in a crowd
Did you see that Sparm? ; Sparms on your right ; We went to a club and saw so many Sparms. Was that a Sparm that came past just now? ; She was totally Sparmy ; She is such a Sparm
by InstruoProBellum June 13, 2009
To be the most disgusted you have ever been , and in some cases you will ever be.
after i pulled the trigger the only word in my head was SPARM! SPARM! SPARM! over and over because i had gone insane.
by Bunnywith April 28, 2007